Wednesday, 29 October 2014


  • adventuring - last day at my Cath Kidston job tomorrow
  • eating - salmon, onion rings, chocolates
  • drinking - smoothies, squash, mochas
  • reading - the third book in a trilogy first, luckily I spotted my mistake before I got very far so now reading the first one, Wolf in Shadow - David Gemmell. Letters from the Tax Man that make no sense!
  • watching - Friends, Dr Who, Grand Designs, Downton Abbey
  • listening to - a new random selection on my iPhone including Phil Collins, Robin Thicke, Jasmine Thompson, Tasmin Archer, Tracy Chapman, Pink Floyd, Sade, Luke Jackson, They Might Be Giants, Scala & Kolacny Brothers
  • thinking about - 'Progress, not perfection' a comment from my cousin, upcoming medical tests (not mine), people that drop out of your life
  • disliking - the discovery that the mould had found my shoes again, the roadworks going on right outside my flat, it being dark so early now the clocks have gone back
  • appreciating - letters from home as well as modern communication
  • loving - old treasures finding new homes (the NatWest piggy banks above being an example and netting me £35 in the process!!)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


  • adventuring - into the boxes still stacked in my room (and no sign of the spider!)
  • eating - tomato & chilli pasta, cheese scones, a box of chocolates, corned beef & home made chutney rolls
  • drinking - orange juice, tea, coffee, coke
  • reading - a testimonial on the Bikers Against Child Abuse Facebook page (post from 20th Oct), Starting Over by Marcia Willett
  • watching - finished Star Trek Voyager and now gone back to Friends (start of series 7), Dr Who meets Victoria Wood
  • listening to - too much 80's music, guided meditation app
  • thinking about - naming my tiny house 'Breakers' because of the picture above from The Last Unicorn,
  • disliking - vivid heart-breaking dreams, the 11-3 'hungry' shift, cold feet
  • appreciating - unexpected days off and the time to de-clutter some more
  • loving - plans for meeting friends and drinking good coffee, the new arrangement of stuff in my room

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


  • Adventuring - finding my feet in my new job, planning a walk for a day off
  • Eating - too much Chinese takeaway, Lindt chocolates, cheese scones, last years homemade chutney
  • Drinking - tea, mocha, Luscombe hot ginger beer, Beechams hot blackcurrant
  • Reading - more Donna Leon, The Definitive History of the West Wing, my favourite blogs, employees handbook
  • Watching - Dr Who, too many YouTube music videos
  • Listening to - 181 Awesome 80's, those YouTube music videos, SmoothLounge
  • Laughing at - the me that had all her hair shaved off for charity!
  • Thinking About - lost little ones
  • Disliking - the snuffling and sneezing
  • Appreciating - when the rain stops
  • Loving -thoughtful friends, planning birthday/Christmas surprises

Thursday, 9 October 2014


  • Adventuring - into a new job - Goodbye Cath - Hello Seasalt
  • Eating - microwave meals, grapes, breakfast biscuits, chicken and leek bake
  • Drinking - tropicana, mocha's, squash and too much coke!
  • Reading - finished 'Full Circle' and now onto a Donna Leon
  • Watching - Downton Abbey, Dr Who, Voyager and Chasing Shadows
  • Listening to - 80's internet radio stations, internet Chill station, my iPhone on random
  • Thinking About - how to get to my minimalist wardrobe, what to do with the fabric swatches I have
  • Disliking - working three jobs at once, colleagues leaving (yes I know I am too!)
  • Appreciating - the good guys
  • Loving - my new handmade bag (yes I bought the one I showed you a picture of last week), being in the position to be able to buy said bag!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


  • Adventuring - not so much doing as planning!!
  • Eating - salad, Indian takeaway, the Charcuterie, chocolate
  • Drinking - Glorious hot chocolate (again!), Crabbies
  • Reading - Michael Palin - Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole and I've just started Full Circle
  • Watching - Downton Abbey, New Tricks, Dr Who, Voyager, and intending to catch up on Grand Designs
  • Listening to - 80's internet radio stations, internet Chill station, my iPhone on random
  • Thinking About - the future, writing
  • Disliking - the boxes I'm still living with (and the spider that's hiding between them!), awkward situations
  • Appreciating - access to clean water, electricity, books (Palin went through some really poor areas)
  • Laughing at - my complete inability to not buy books
  • Loving - the bag above (the shoes are gorgeous too), the nice clear area in the bedroom that I sorted out this afternoon

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I've pinched this from Leslie at A Simple Life Afloat - although she says she can't can't take the credit!!  I'm going to try and make it a weekly thing - it will depend on how interesting my weeks turn out to be!!

  • Adventuring - wandering the graves at Higher Cemetery and wondering about the lives (and deaths) of those buried there.
  • Eating - too many microwave meals, Nākd bars
  • Drinking - Glorious hot chocolate
  • Reading - Penelope Lively as loaned by my landlords, catching up on my Feedly feed
  • Watching - Chasing Shadows, Downton Abbey, New Tricks, Dr Who (not bad for someone without a TV), Voyager, Emma Watson's speech
  • Listening to - Genesis - We Can't Dance (purchased just for Fading Lights), 80's internet radio stations, Michael Jackson - Invincible
  • Thinking About - if I'm going to get to The Ice Cream Shop on the Beach before they close for the season
  • Disliking - having to go to work on my day off, cold feet
  • Appreciating - fab landlords, good friends
  • Laughing at - one of the girls at work accidentally calling a colleague 'old' she meant 'senior' as the colleague is in a senior position!!
  • Loving - being sent pictures of my great niece

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Selling property... absolute hell!!! At least that has been my experience and it's not one I intend to repeat for a very long time (if ever).

I admit that my sale was made harder by the fact it was a part rent / part buy property which meant that the landlord had to be involved in the sale as well - just what is needed, another layer of bureaucracy!!

The estate agents and solicitors were both appalling (Ward & Partners and Quality Solicitors Martin Tolhurst if you want to avoid them!). In general I think the solicitor only actually did anything if I was nagging her. To be fair to the housing association the girls I dealt with in the resale department were lovely but it appears that no-one in the organisation talks to each other so I was getting crap from one department when another department knew the answer etc etc.

This was the third offer I had had on the flat and so I was understandably nervous of it all going tits up, hence my keeping very quiet about it! It took six and a half months from offer to completion and 28 months from first going on the market. And to think at the beginning I was thinking I might have to move in with M for a couple of months!!

Anyway, once we finally exchanged contracts it was all systems go with getting my stuff shifted etc. There was a window of opportunity for the boss to drive up but as the sale dragged on that soon passed. As you know I don't drive so I got a couple of quotes from removal companies which ranged from £600 to £1000 - yeah, I gasped too! This is when I was very glad of Facebook as up popped Mr Removal on one of the Exeter sites. I got in touch and was quoted a much more affordable price that would include them packing up what was left to be done (I'd packed up quite a bit on a visit home in March).  They were fab, doing the whole thing in a day, having no issue with me not being at the Kent end, and just being generally nice chaps!!

I had purchased a double hi-sleeper so that I would gain the floor space taken up by a bed and I just had to smile sweetly at my landlords to move the current bed out so that I could get the new bed put up before all my stuff arrived. That would also involve sleeping on the floor for a bit as the landlords bed was a king and the hi-sleeper a double and my mattress was still in Kent!!  

The above was bed for a week - a camping roll mat and my doubled over duvet!
All set to have a friend come over to help put it up when he went and busted his shoulder. Some may say madly I decided to put the bed together on my own!!

And there you have it - bed put together single handed, all the stuff moved out that I wasn't going to use and everything else in a pile in the corner. I kept the chest of drawers and bookcase, and obviously the built in wardrobe. The cardboard boxes held what had been taken out of the drawers under the bed, bedside table etc.

After the removal men had been it looked like this...

At this point in the proceedings there was a book case and two wall mountable display cabinets in the hall, another bookcase and desk in the landlords study, plus some of the kitchen and bathroom boxes in their relevant rooms as well!! I managed to get the stuff off my bed that night so I could have a proper nights sleep but that was about it!

Ten days later the two bookcases and desk are in my room. The display units are still in the hall as they will be heading to storage. The boxes that were in the kitchen have been unpacked and almost all of their contents found homes. There must be at least one other kitchen box somewhere under the bed though as there are definitely some things missing - like my toaster!

I have a walkway from the bedroom door to the window and I can get at the bed and a comfy chair. I took two bags of stuff to the charity shop this morning and have already got some more stuff to go. 

The 50+ scrapbooks are going to be gone through. I will photograph things that I would like to remember and I will give myself a set amount of space that I can fill with physical items.  I'm thinking one of these bus suitcases from Cath Kidston!!

There will be stuff going to storage but this will be space that I'm not paying for and I will be VERY strict with myself about what I really want to keep that I just don't have room for here.

I'm getting there albeit slowly.

I love Exeter, my landlords are fab and on a good day I love both my jobs (although they have their moments like any others!!).

So I start my 38th year on the planet with a negative bank balance, surrounded by boxes, but feeling like a huge weight has been lifted. Smiles all round!