Wednesday, 1 October 2014


  • Adventuring - not so much doing as planning!!
  • Eating - salad, Indian takeaway, the Charcuterie, chocolate
  • Drinking - Glorious hot chocolate (again!), Crabbies
  • Reading - Michael Palin - Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole and I've just started Full Circle
  • Watching - Downton Abbey, New Tricks, Dr Who, Voyager, and intending to catch up on Grand Designs
  • Listening to - 80's internet radio stations, internet Chill station, my iPhone on random
  • Thinking About - the future, writing
  • Disliking - the boxes I'm still living with (and the spider that's hiding between them!), awkward situations
  • Appreciating - access to clean water, electricity, books (Palin went through some really poor areas)
  • Laughing at - my complete inability to not buy books
  • Loving - the bag above (the shoes are gorgeous too), the nice clear area in the bedroom that I sorted out this afternoon

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I've pinched this from Leslie at A Simple Life Afloat - although she says she can't can't take the credit!!  I'm going to try and make it a weekly thing - it will depend on how interesting my weeks turn out to be!!

  • Adventuring - wandering the graves at Higher Cemetery and wondering about the lives (and deaths) of those buried there.
  • Eating - too many microwave meals, Nākd bars
  • Drinking - Glorious hot chocolate
  • Reading - Penelope Lively as loaned by my landlords, catching up on my Feedly feed
  • Watching - Chasing Shadows, Downton Abbey, New Tricks, Dr Who (not bad for someone without a TV), Voyager, Emma Watson's speech
  • Listening to - Genesis - We Can't Dance (purchased just for Fading Lights), 80's internet radio stations, Michael Jackson - Invincible
  • Thinking About - if I'm going to get to The Ice Cream Shop on the Beach before they close for the season
  • Disliking - having to go to work on my day off, cold feet
  • Appreciating - fab landlords, good friends
  • Laughing at - one of the girls at work accidentally calling a colleague 'old' she meant 'senior' as the colleague is in a senior position!!
  • Loving - being sent pictures of my great niece

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Selling property... absolute hell!!! At least that has been my experience and it's not one I intend to repeat for a very long time (if ever).

I admit that my sale was made harder by the fact it was a part rent / part buy property which meant that the landlord had to be involved in the sale as well - just what is needed, another layer of bureaucracy!!

The estate agents and solicitors were both appalling (Ward & Partners and Quality Solicitors Martin Tolhurst if you want to avoid them!). In general I think the solicitor only actually did anything if I was nagging her. To be fair to the housing association the girls I dealt with in the resale department were lovely but it appears that no-one in the organisation talks to each other so I was getting crap from one department when another department knew the answer etc etc.

This was the third offer I had had on the flat and so I was understandably nervous of it all going tits up, hence my keeping very quiet about it! It took six and a half months from offer to completion and 28 months from first going on the market. And to think at the beginning I was thinking I might have to move in with M for a couple of months!!

Anyway, once we finally exchanged contracts it was all systems go with getting my stuff shifted etc. There was a window of opportunity for the boss to drive up but as the sale dragged on that soon passed. As you know I don't drive so I got a couple of quotes from removal companies which ranged from £600 to £1000 - yeah, I gasped too! This is when I was very glad of Facebook as up popped Mr Removal on one of the Exeter sites. I got in touch and was quoted a much more affordable price that would include them packing up what was left to be done (I'd packed up quite a bit on a visit home in March).  They were fab, doing the whole thing in a day, having no issue with me not being at the Kent end, and just being generally nice chaps!!

I had purchased a double hi-sleeper so that I would gain the floor space taken up by a bed and I just had to smile sweetly at my landlords to move the current bed out so that I could get the new bed put up before all my stuff arrived. That would also involve sleeping on the floor for a bit as the landlords bed was a king and the hi-sleeper a double and my mattress was still in Kent!!  

The above was bed for a week - a camping roll mat and my doubled over duvet!
All set to have a friend come over to help put it up when he went and busted his shoulder. Some may say madly I decided to put the bed together on my own!!

And there you have it - bed put together single handed, all the stuff moved out that I wasn't going to use and everything else in a pile in the corner. I kept the chest of drawers and bookcase, and obviously the built in wardrobe. The cardboard boxes held what had been taken out of the drawers under the bed, bedside table etc.

After the removal men had been it looked like this...

At this point in the proceedings there was a book case and two wall mountable display cabinets in the hall, another bookcase and desk in the landlords study, plus some of the kitchen and bathroom boxes in their relevant rooms as well!! I managed to get the stuff off my bed that night so I could have a proper nights sleep but that was about it!

Ten days later the two bookcases and desk are in my room. The display units are still in the hall as they will be heading to storage. The boxes that were in the kitchen have been unpacked and almost all of their contents found homes. There must be at least one other kitchen box somewhere under the bed though as there are definitely some things missing - like my toaster!

I have a walkway from the bedroom door to the window and I can get at the bed and a comfy chair. I took two bags of stuff to the charity shop this morning and have already got some more stuff to go. 

The 50+ scrapbooks are going to be gone through. I will photograph things that I would like to remember and I will give myself a set amount of space that I can fill with physical items.  I'm thinking one of these bus suitcases from Cath Kidston!!

There will be stuff going to storage but this will be space that I'm not paying for and I will be VERY strict with myself about what I really want to keep that I just don't have room for here.

I'm getting there albeit slowly.

I love Exeter, my landlords are fab and on a good day I love both my jobs (although they have their moments like any others!!).

So I start my 38th year on the planet with a negative bank balance, surrounded by boxes, but feeling like a huge weight has been lifted. Smiles all round!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

New Toy

I am a member of the Morphy Richards trial panel (I'm not getting anything for doing this before you ask!!)

Every so often I'll get an email asking for opinions on a new appliance they are designing. The questions will often start with a few different pictures and cover such things as size, price, looks, what it does etc. 

On some occasions you'll be asked if you'd be willing to test an appliance at home and if you agree you may be chosen to do so. 

Well, a while back, a survey came round about a new slow cooker and as always I said yes to testing and one arrived on Monday!

Here it is in all it's glory being used for the first time. 

But what is so special about this one I hear you cry? - well I hope I do because I intend to tell you!

As well as being a funky red, having a digital timer and keep warm function, this ones secret is in the crockpot itself. Rather than a heavy ceramic pot this one is metal. That makes it an awful lot lighter but the main advantage is that you can use it straight on the hob (except induction). Slow cooking doesn't brown meat and many recipes therefore suggest you fry up meat and some veggies to start them off which means an extra dirty pan. (I'm not too bothered about browning my meat but there are many people that find it odd!) So with this one you can put the crock pot straight on the hob, brown your sausages, mince, chicken etc, add your other ingredients then put it directly into the slow cooker, set the timer and off you go. As an added bonus when the timer finishes it automatically goes into keep warm mode. 

So tonight's dinner is cooking (Caribbean chicken) with minimal washing up to worry about!

Let's hope it tastes as good as it smells!

Simply Being Mum has a habit of naming her slow cookers and I've decided I'd name this one Mokey!! Wonder if any of you can work out why (it's a bit convoluted!!)

Oh and at the end of the trial period you get to keep whatever it was you were testing!!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Books - part 2

Started 10th July (ish!)

Peter Robinson - A Necessary End (detective story)
Oliver James - Affluenza (a study of the 'Affluenza' virus, it's effects and vaccines)
Ken Follett - A Place Called Freedom (story set in 18th century England)
Sylvia Nasar - A Beautiful Mind (Biography of mathematician John Nash)
Raymond E Feist - The Kings Buccaneer (Fantasy)
Tracy Chevalier - The Lady and the Unicorn (Historical romance)
Ken Follett - The Key to Rebecca (Spy thriller)
Ken Follett - Hammer of Eden (Terrorists running amok)
J. K. Rowling - The Casual Vacancy (small town goings on)
Kylie Chan - Earth to Hell (strange heavenly Chinese goings on!)
Kylie Chan - Hell to Heaven (more of the above!)
Kylie Chan - Heaven to Wudang (having now finished the second trilogy of these I discover there are more!!!)
Jennifer Worth - Call the Midwife (memoirs of an East End midwife)
A. M. Homes - This Book Will Save Your Life (story a man finding himself)
Dani Ripper - Promise You Won't Tell (chick lit, sort of!)
Mariam Kobras - The Distant Shore (kinda chick lit where not a lot happens. It's the first of a trilogy, I won't be bothering with the rest!)
Pseudonymous Bosch - The Name Of This Book Is Secret (kids adventure book!)
Long Time Coming - Edie Claire (romance and ghosts)
Ken Follett - World Without End (sequel to Pillars of the Earth, set a couple of hundred years later)
Mary Roach - Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers (think the subtitle kind of covers it!)
Raymond E Feist - Shadow of a Dark Queen (more fantasy, 1st book of the Serpent War Saga)
Raymond E Feist - Rise of a Merchant Prince (2nd book of the Serpent War Saga)
Raymond E Feist - Rage of a Demon King (3rd book of the Serpent War Saga)
Raymond E Feist - Shards of a Broken Crown (4th book of the Serpent War Saga)
Raymond E Feist - Krondor the Betrayal (1st book of the Riftwar Legacy)
Raymond E Feist - Krondor the Assassins (2nd book of the Riftwar Legacy)
Raymond E Feist - Krondor Tear of the Gods (3rd book of the Riftwar Legacy)
Raymond E Feist - Honoured Enemy (1st book Legends of the Riftwar)
Raymond E Feist - Murder in LaMut (2nd book Legends of the Riftwar)
Jimmy Perry - A Stupid Boy: The Autobiography of the Creator of Dad's Army (self explanatory really!!)
Raymond E Feist - Talon of the Silver Hawk (1st book Conclave of Shadows)
Raymond E Feist - King of Foxes (2nd book Conclave of Shadows)
Raymond E Feist - Exiles Return (3rd book Conclave of Shadows)
Raymond E Feist - Jimmy the Hand (3rd book Legends of the Riftwar)
Raymond E Feist - Flight of the Nighthawks (1st book Darkwar Saga)
Raymond E Feist - Into a Dark Realm (2nd book Darkwar Saga)
Raymond E Feist - Wrath of a Mad God (3rd book Darkwar Saga)
Paige Toon - Pictures of Lily (chick lit)
Dean Crawford - Immortal (a potentially plausible story of the secret of youth)

Only got 5 Feist books left to read before it'll be time to read the very very last one...

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A year...

...yup, I've been back in the Shire a whole year - and it's been quite a year.

I've had four employers.
Spent a year without a TV or microwave.
Lived in one room.
Walked most of the Exeter Green Circle.
Had my lunch stolen by a seagull.
Shared an office with a cat.
Been to Salisbury and Reading for lunch!
Read loads (and loads and loads).
Found real friendship in unexpected places and lost friendship where I thought it was strong.
Been to several interviews (hadn't done that in years!)
Tried Android and gone back to Apple (again - you'd have thought I'd have learnt last time!)
Paid for two flats.
Realised just how lucky I was to find my landlords.
Babysat for friends.
Had an offer on the flat that fell through.
Cursed the Housing Association and Estate Agents on a regular basis.
Attended a Steampunk jewellery workshop.
Been regularly reminded why I love Exeter.
Wondered at the rising floodwaters in Maidstone from afar.
Worked in my favourite field.
Discovered the chip shop across the road is a bit rubbish but the Indian on this side is yummy.
Still not eaten the chocolate chick I was given when I left the first job in March.
Gone to work in a onesie.

I wonder what the next year has in store???

Monday, 4 November 2013

Plot Twist

On Tuesday Oct 8th I said this, lots!!! And panicked a bit, and told the Universe I wasn't impressed!

On the Monday night I went out for dinner with V. She was full of the news of her (somewhat mad, I think she'll agree) new adventure. On my walk home I found myself thinking that some new adventure would be good - ha, careful what you wish for!

On my arrival at work on the Tuesday morning, having ditched the coat and put lunch in the fridge, the boss calls me over. Do I need pen and paper says I? No, says he. Uh-oh, says I.

Long story short I'm being made redundant, let go,'s all very amicable. Both sides knew there was a risk involved when I started working there and it just hasn't worked out. I'm re-assured by the boss that it's nothing I've done (or haven't done) and that I'll get a months notice, and that he'll do all he can to help me...

Right Universe - that wasn't quite what I had in mind when I said I'd like a bit of adventure!!!

I already had a sort of Saturday job lined up with the guy that I've been doing event work for so there was one day a week but what about the other four? I'm still paying out for the flat in Kent don't forget!!

I spent a very demoralising weekend surfing the web looking for Xmas jobs and ended up walking round the shops looking in the windows for ads for Xmas temps - my theory being, grab an Xmas job, take the pressure off.

Five on-line applications, three application forms and three CV's with cover letters later and I felt a little better.  Then one of the on-line ones came back to say I had been unsuccessful swiftly followed by another - that wasn't a good start. 

Another came back inviting me to a recruitment event so I booked myself in, then I went through the mountain of paperwork they sent only to discover I didn't have the relevant ID here in Devon with me. Gave them a call to see if there was any room for manoeuvre, could I attend and then get the ID to them, I had after all been working for the Police for the last eight years or so - no, definitely not, had to have the papers as requested. Well that was the end of that then.

Another invite to a recruitment event - on the outskirts of Chard, in Somerset!! As most of you know I don't drive. After some web surfing I discover that I can get there but it'll take me two and a half hours (each way) and involves multiple buses. After several emails back and forth I take myself off to the local store in question and see if they can help. The very nice assistant manager says she'll sort something and get back to me.

So it's been a couple of weeks and so far I'm not getting very far.  There's a couple of posts I'm toying with applying for but the hours are awful (nights or 5am starts) and the location is a bit of a bugger to get to.  There is definitely some head in sand action going on and I know it. Strangely though that doesn't motivate me to do much about it!!

After 3 weeks I end up with three interviews/recruitment events that I can attend.  I am lucky in that since leaving Uni I have had about six jobs but only had to attend an interview for one of them. Well, lucky then but now I'm pooping my pants as I have no idea what to expect. The interview I did have was nearly nine years ago...

I do a little bit of swatting, checking out the shops website careers pages and having a nosey on Wikipedia, but decide that the best I can do is be myself (good advice from an on-line group I'm part of).

Interview one is me and another person. We've been asked to take three photo's with us to show what we are like, what we like to do etc.  A quick trip to town to get some printed and I chose the below...

This one to cover my love of reading - that's Raymond E Feist and I've been reading his books since I was 18

This one covers both the fact I liking taking pics and the fact I love the sea.

And this one 'coz I love my family (even if this pic is missing a brother!)

We chat about our pics, chat a bit in general, then get sent off to the shop floor to pick some outfits for certain scenarios (it's a clothes shop). After that it's back for some one on one questions. Thanks very much, we'll let you know in a couple of weeks. I don't think it went too well but I have nothing to gauge it against.

Next interview is completely one on one, just me and the manager. She's lovely and it's very relaxed. Quite a bit of giggling, and the swatting up I did on Wikipedia comes in handy. This one seemed to go better and they'll let me know in a week or less.

Final one is a bit more of a recruitment event. There are nine of us ranging from a 17 year old fresh from college to an older chap who is trying to get back into the work force. We start off with a 'chat to your neighbour, find out about them, then tell the rest of us'. I hate those!! We also have to decide if we were an object what would we be!! I went for suitcase for the chance to travel. There are another couple of exercises and some general information and then we're done.  This one seemed OK too. I piped up a couple of times but didn't take over. They'll let us know in the next few days.

Last Friday I got a call from one of the above (Cath Kidston) to offer me a position - hurrah, I took it. About ten minutes later one of the others called to offer me a position - too late (but a nice little boost for the ego!).

So today I went in for my training, got my badge and my pinny and had a good day. It's 'only' a part time temporary position but there will be the opportunity to grab overtime as it gets nearer to Christmas. I have my rota for this week and next and I'm already down to do more than my contracted hours - bonus.

Hopefully I will be able to work the event work around the hours I do at the shop - they have to give me a day off right!

My plan is to work as much as I can between now and the new year and try and keep myself near the level I was. There is a small possibility that the job could be extended or even become more long term but I can't count on that. I will have eyes and ears open for another position but it has to be flexible enough to allow the event work as that's what I really think I want to be doing in the full on long term. That again is a bit of a suck it and see position (so to speak) but I know the boss is putting a lot more thought into how to make it work from the start so hopefully it won't go the same way. That is due to start properly in the next couple of weeks - the office is still being built at the moment!

So, there you have my last month in a nutshell - fingers crossed for the future...