Friday, 30 December 2011

No Waste Tastes Great - 30th Dec

So the BIG CHRISTMAS WEEK - how did I do...

Top shelf - spread, Xmas day meat, cooked veggies, soya cream
Middle shelf - bacon (in date), wafer thin ham
Bottom shelf - beetroot
Drawers - condiments, veggies (see next pic)

 A few sprouts, a parsnip, a lump of swede and a tomato

Door - butter, crumble mix, Baileys miniatures, water (Mums), milk, praline, vanilla soya milk, soya milk, ginger beer (Mums), Rochester Organic Mulled Berry Punch, pear cider

The Xmas day meat and cooked veggies will be lunch tomorrow (meat and bubble and squeak) with some piccalilli and home grown home pickled onions!!  I'm off to my sisters for New Year after lunch but the bacon and veggies will last until next week as will the soya milk and cream.  I think the ham and the normal milk may have to go to waste but I'll see what state they are in when I get back. Bearing in mind how packed the fridge was last week I have to say I'm pretty impressed!!

Friday, 23 December 2011

No Waste Tastes Great - 23rd Dec

OK - so this week was NEVER going to be an empty fridge but none of it is waste (I just hope I can say the same thing next week). Had I left the shopping 'til tomorrow then it would have been empty but the thought of going to Sainsbury's on Christmas eve filled me with dread (it was bad enough going this afternoon!!)

Top shelf - spread, cream, milk, soya cream, 3 x different cartons of juice
Middle shelf - 2 x bacon, 2 x ham, cheese, fruit salad, ready made roll pastry
Bottom shelf - beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, red pepper
Left drawer (as you look at it!) - condiments
Right drawer (middle picture) - courgettes, sprouts, carrots, parsnips, sweet potato
Door - butter, crumble mix, mini baileys, mini strawberry liqueur thing, eggs, piece of praline, soya milk, soya vanilla milk, ginger beer, 3 x fruit cider

Yes there is a lot of stuff in there but there is also a plan for just about all of it!!

Xmas day / Boxing day breakfast will take care of some of the bacon, eggs, pepper, pastry, some of the cheese and some of the milk (not all in one brekkie I have two planned but not sure which way round yet!!)

Xmas dinner will probably involve most of the veggies being cooked as we have to make sure there is enough for bubble and squeak on Boxing day. More milk will go in the Yorkshire pudding mix and there will be some for cups of tea and coffee!

The cream/soya cream is for the Xmas pud (obviously!) The fruit salad that is there will get eaten this evening but M is making another one for Xmas day and Boxing day for when the over indulgence gets too much!!

The ham, some more cheese and tomatoes will be an Xmas / Boxing day tea choice - toasted sarnies or filling for fresh baked baguettes.  It will also go towards lunches for next week, as will leftover bacon (or that will go in the freezer)

Lets wait and see how well it goes and how empty it is come next weeks post.

Thanks as always to Jo over at

Thursday, 15 December 2011

No Waste Tastes Great - 16th Dec

I know this is a day early but I'm off to see Red Dwarf being filmed tomorrow night and then staying in London and won't back 'til Sunday evening!!!

All nice and empty again - I could almost think I was getting good at this. Next week I can guarantee it'll be full of lots of yummy stuff ready for Xmas (but it won't be waste as it'll be in preparation for the big day!!)

Thanks Jo for keeping me going...

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Spending Update - Nov/Dec

I knew this month was unlikely to go well in the finance department due to it being the run up to Christmas and I was right!!

A couple of dinners out with friends, a couple of weekends in London, paying for a hen weekend on top of the present buying all added up!!!

(I did make £50 on eBay this month though)


£200 transfer
£8.00 in my wallet
£45.12 change
£8.06 overdrawn
I have however used £144.59 from the account I transfer into so that brings it down to

I also had the opportunity today to be able to go and see one of my favourite ever TV shows RED DWARF being recorded live. I just couldn't turn it down but due to the location of recording and the time it will finish I could only do it if I booked a hotel. I managed to get a room just round the back of Victoria Station for under £45. I've put this on my credit card which I intend to pay off next month (well before it's due date so there will be no interest)

Most of the Xmas presents are all done now. I do the recording Friday night and a weekend in London along with my work Xmas do next week so again it won't be a big amount for the savings pot but hopefully there will still be something to put away come Jan 14th!!!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

No Waste Tastes Great - 2nd Dec

Not too bad this week...Photo taken last night!

Top shelf - spread
Middle shelf - condensed milk
Bottom shelf - beetroot, half a tin of baked beans, beef stroganoff
Drawer - condiments

The baked beans were left over from last weekend, I've just had bean on toast for lunch, so that's them gone!
The beef stroganoff (homemade from this recipe and very yummy) was got out to have for dinner last night but I had a rotten headache when I got off the train so went and got takeaway instead!!! I'll eat it for tea on Sunday.