Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Spending Update - Nov/Dec

I knew this month was unlikely to go well in the finance department due to it being the run up to Christmas and I was right!!

A couple of dinners out with friends, a couple of weekends in London, paying for a hen weekend on top of the present buying all added up!!!

(I did make £50 on eBay this month though)


£200 transfer
£8.00 in my wallet
£45.12 change
£8.06 overdrawn
I have however used £144.59 from the account I transfer into so that brings it down to

I also had the opportunity today to be able to go and see one of my favourite ever TV shows RED DWARF being recorded live. I just couldn't turn it down but due to the location of recording and the time it will finish I could only do it if I booked a hotel. I managed to get a room just round the back of Victoria Station for under £45. I've put this on my credit card which I intend to pay off next month (well before it's due date so there will be no interest)

Most of the Xmas presents are all done now. I do the recording Friday night and a weekend in London along with my work Xmas do next week so again it won't be a big amount for the savings pot but hopefully there will still be something to put away come Jan 14th!!!

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