Friday, 30 December 2011

No Waste Tastes Great - 30th Dec

So the BIG CHRISTMAS WEEK - how did I do...

Top shelf - spread, Xmas day meat, cooked veggies, soya cream
Middle shelf - bacon (in date), wafer thin ham
Bottom shelf - beetroot
Drawers - condiments, veggies (see next pic)

 A few sprouts, a parsnip, a lump of swede and a tomato

Door - butter, crumble mix, Baileys miniatures, water (Mums), milk, praline, vanilla soya milk, soya milk, ginger beer (Mums), Rochester Organic Mulled Berry Punch, pear cider

The Xmas day meat and cooked veggies will be lunch tomorrow (meat and bubble and squeak) with some piccalilli and home grown home pickled onions!!  I'm off to my sisters for New Year after lunch but the bacon and veggies will last until next week as will the soya milk and cream.  I think the ham and the normal milk may have to go to waste but I'll see what state they are in when I get back. Bearing in mind how packed the fridge was last week I have to say I'm pretty impressed!!

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