Tuesday, 3 January 2012


...no I'm not pregnant but I have been craving things over the last week or so...

Savoury food - yes I may have gone a bit mad with the sweet stuff over Christmas (but that's all part of the fun). I find myself now leaning towards something savoury rather than another chocolate out of the tin!! Although I doubt I'd say no to chocolate if it was on offer!!

Alone time - With weekends away, work, spending time with family for Christmas, work, spending time with family for New Year and back to work I feel I haven't had any real 'me' time. I don't begrudge spending time with family and I have to go to work to pay the bills but now I'm looking forward to sorting some time just for me. To get things done or maybe to just lounge around, read and chill out.

Clearing out - My Mum took a picture of me on Christmas day (brandishing a new kitchen knife!) and it struck me that there is still too much 'stuff' about. The photo looked far too busy.  Too many colours and items clanging for attention. It's funny how seeing it in a photo gave me a different view of something I look at several times a day!!

A new me - well maybe not a new me but a better upgraded version - a beta version if you will (there may still be some bugs and hangs but we're working on it!). I've read a couple of books lately that have got me thinking. I'm still not sure where this thinking is taking me or what the outcome may be but the old cogs are grinding away.

Exercise - well sort of. I've been meaning to do some exercise as right now I do none. I walk places as I don't drive but I live in a flat so I don't even have stairs to walk up. I asked for and received for Christmas a dance work out DVD (thanks R&C) that has five 10 minute workouts on it. My theory is even I should be able to do 10 minutes when I get home. If I can do that for a bit a couple of times a week then maybe I can do it more times a week, or a bit longer when I do do it. Baby steps though, lets see if I can manage it at least once this week to start with...

Stability - those that know me will know that my whole job world is a bit up in the air. Although I have a contract through to the start of 2013 there have been some changes at work that make me wonder if I'll stay that long...either way I will have to look at my income and outgoings. The pros and cons of staying where I am or moving back to where I was (or maybe going somewhere completely new). The potential money issues with the sale of my flat (negative equity).  Right at this point in time there isn't really a lot I can do to try and stabilise any of this and I don't like that feeling. There are way too many ifs, buts and maybes. Hopefully after a few weeks of the new work broom I'll know if I want to make the changes sooner or wait it out...

And I'm sure there are more things that aren't occurring to me whilst I sit here writing this post but maybe they will later!!

How are you feeling as we enter 2012? Do you see changes ahead? Are you happy with your lot? Do you find January a blue month after the hustle and bustle of December or a chance to recharge? Please leave a comment, it proves to me I'm not just talking to myself!!

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  1. I'm craving salads mostly. I think too much stodgy food over christmas is the culprit. Salads and sleep for me :)
    Im looking forward to this year. Ive had a shit few years and things are starting to get better so am looking forward to a good one!