Friday, 6 January 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 6th Jan 2012

I MUST meal plan or I have waste!!!

The ham from last week went in the bin and as you can see from the pic below the milk is still in the fridge so that will be hitting the sink imminently!!

Top shelf - spread (the one on top is just about empty), Nutella bread pudding, soya cream (unopened and in date)
Middle shelf - the tin has 10 homemade Baileys truffles in it, open tin of baked beans
Bottom shelf - beetroot, pear cider, mushrooms
Drawers - condiments and veggies
Drawer - 2 x carrots, 2 x parsnips, some sprouts, some spinach and a tomato (under the carrots!)
Door - 4 x eggs (in date), butter, crumble mix, min Baileys, water (Mums), milk (going down the sink), praline, coke, 7Up, soya milk, ginger beer (Mums), punch, more cider!!

The Nutella bread pudding is for pud tonight. Made from this recipe and highly recommended! That's why there are eggs left which I will come up with something to use them for!!
The beans will get used up for beans on toast tomorrow.
The reason the veggies are left is that I bought the relevant bits to make the Sweet Potato and peanut curry (hence the mushrooms and spinach) as well as buying a few extra veggies. I then proceeded to eat the curry several nights in a row so the other veggies got left behind!!  They are all in Lakeland green bags so will last for a while yet but will get eaten over the next few nights!
The truffles were made from this recipe on Weds eve so will last a few days yet!

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