Friday, 20 January 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 20th Jan 12

A good week!

Top shelf - spread, cheese, cream - all easily in date
Middle shelf - EMPTY
Bottom shelf - beetroot, can of coke - both fine
Drawer - condiments & EMPTY
Door - butter, crumble mix, Mini Baileys, water (Mums), soya milk, vanilla soya milk, ginger beer (Mums), cider, punch, cider - all fine

I will admit to having thrown the truffles away yesterday but everything else that was leftover from last week got eaten!

I'm out for a meal tomorrow so I intend to do a meal plan and shop on Sunday.


  1. Claire - you are giving me a run for my money! What a sparkly fridge! Jo

    1. Aww, thanks Jo. My Mum is still getting used to seeing me with an empty fridge!!