Saturday, 29 September 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 28th Sept 2012

Top shelf - yoghurts, cooked stuffing, portion of lasagne, chorizo
Middle shelf - spread, tomatoes, cheese, chocolates, grapes
Bottom shelf - mayo, ready made pancakes
Drawers - condiments, some swede, some cabbage, a carrot
 Door - water, yoghurt, soup, salad dressing, soya milk, 7Up, Lucozade, punch

The lasagne will be tonights dinner with pancakes for pudding. I bought some more fruit so I can make fruit salad with the grapes.  The potential issue could be with the stuffing but I'll try and use it up!!

I do have waste confessions this week though - the part carton of cream and what was left of the pate hit the bin...

Saturday, 22 September 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 21st Sept 2012

Top shelf - 4 x soya yoghurts, spread, packet of 8 sausages, chorizo, philly
Middle shelf - soya cream, opened pate, breaded chicken goujons, chocolates
Bottom shelf - mayo, half a tin of beans
Drawers - condiments, some swede and broccoli, sage and rosemary
Door - 3 eggs, water, soya yoghurt, sald dressing, soya milk, Sunkist, Lucozade, punch

So there is potential for problems here!!  Everything is fine except the following...

Sausages - go out of date tomorrow and are therefore destined for the slow cooker and a sausage casserole.
Soya cream - if it's anything like soya milk it lasts a lot longer than the dairy equivalent but I'm sure I can use it up on some fruit salad over the next couple of days!
Pate - this was opened last weekend and enjoyed on the balcony with fresh bread and Mums company. It still smells OK but I'm not convinced and think it may find it's way to the bin!
Chicken goujons - will go in the freezer. I write the basic cooking instructions on the container for when I want them!
3 eggs - they went out of date yesterday according to the box. I intend to use one in a mug cake today, will use one for scrambled eggs and beans on toast for tea (cunningly using up the beans as well) and will think of something to do with the last one!!

So potentially an egg and a small amount of pate could be in for it - not too bad!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 14th Sept 2012

You may notice today's fridge looks a lot like last weeks - that's because I'm rubbish and kind of failed on my plan for the week!!

Top shelf - spread, cheese, Philadelphia, ricotta
Middle shelf - container of melon and plum, chocolates
Bottom shelf - mayo, homegrown tomatoes, coke
Drawers - condiments, butternut squash, spinach, rosemary, sage
Door - eggs, water, salad dressing, soya milk, mountain dew, 7up, lucozade, punch

The ricotta is still just about OK so it will be turned into some sort of cheesecake this weekend! The melon and plum has now had some grapes and raspberries added to it and is being eaten up over the weekend.  The spinach and butternut squash will get eaten for tea!  The eggs are still in date.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 9th Sept 2012

Top shelf - spread, cheese, riccota, philadelphia
Middle shelf - home grown tomatoes, chocolates (sent to me by my friend J from Belgium)
Bottom shelf - mayo, beetroot, melon, plums, coke
Drawers - condiment, some spring onions, spinach, sage, rosemary and butternut squash
Door - 4 eggs, water, coke, salad dressing, soya milk, squash, lucozade, punch

The ricotta is left over from the Butternut and sweet potato lasagne I made last weekend. I knew I'd have some left which is why I bought the Philly so I can make some small baileys cheesecakes!!

Some of the melon and plums will be eaten for pud today and the rest will probably make it to work with me during the week.

The spring onions will be used today and tomorrow for lunch along with some of the tomatoes and salad stuff I've just bought.

The spinach and butternut squash will probably get cooked up and put with something out of the freezer.

The egg are also left over from the lasagne but are well in date.

I do have to admit to waste though. An almost full carton of juice, two egg whites and a slice of ham!! The juice just wasn't really very nice so I didn't drink it, the egg whites are a casualty of the lasagne and my lack of coming up with anything to do with them, the ham was leftover as I got bored of ham and cheese sarnies this week!!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 31st August

Top shelf - spread
Middle - shelf home grown tomatoes
Bottom shelf - mayo and beetroot
Drawer - condiments
Door - water, salad dressing, fruit juice, soya milk, Lucozade, punch

No waste at all.