Saturday, 15 September 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 14th Sept 2012

You may notice today's fridge looks a lot like last weeks - that's because I'm rubbish and kind of failed on my plan for the week!!

Top shelf - spread, cheese, Philadelphia, ricotta
Middle shelf - container of melon and plum, chocolates
Bottom shelf - mayo, homegrown tomatoes, coke
Drawers - condiments, butternut squash, spinach, rosemary, sage
Door - eggs, water, salad dressing, soya milk, mountain dew, 7up, lucozade, punch

The ricotta is still just about OK so it will be turned into some sort of cheesecake this weekend! The melon and plum has now had some grapes and raspberries added to it and is being eaten up over the weekend.  The spinach and butternut squash will get eaten for tea!  The eggs are still in date.

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