Saturday, 29 September 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 28th Sept 2012

Top shelf - yoghurts, cooked stuffing, portion of lasagne, chorizo
Middle shelf - spread, tomatoes, cheese, chocolates, grapes
Bottom shelf - mayo, ready made pancakes
Drawers - condiments, some swede, some cabbage, a carrot
 Door - water, yoghurt, soup, salad dressing, soya milk, 7Up, Lucozade, punch

The lasagne will be tonights dinner with pancakes for pudding. I bought some more fruit so I can make fruit salad with the grapes.  The potential issue could be with the stuffing but I'll try and use it up!!

I do have waste confessions this week though - the part carton of cream and what was left of the pate hit the bin...

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