Sunday, 9 September 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 9th Sept 2012

Top shelf - spread, cheese, riccota, philadelphia
Middle shelf - home grown tomatoes, chocolates (sent to me by my friend J from Belgium)
Bottom shelf - mayo, beetroot, melon, plums, coke
Drawers - condiment, some spring onions, spinach, sage, rosemary and butternut squash
Door - 4 eggs, water, coke, salad dressing, soya milk, squash, lucozade, punch

The ricotta is left over from the Butternut and sweet potato lasagne I made last weekend. I knew I'd have some left which is why I bought the Philly so I can make some small baileys cheesecakes!!

Some of the melon and plums will be eaten for pud today and the rest will probably make it to work with me during the week.

The spring onions will be used today and tomorrow for lunch along with some of the tomatoes and salad stuff I've just bought.

The spinach and butternut squash will probably get cooked up and put with something out of the freezer.

The egg are also left over from the lasagne but are well in date.

I do have to admit to waste though. An almost full carton of juice, two egg whites and a slice of ham!! The juice just wasn't really very nice so I didn't drink it, the egg whites are a casualty of the lasagne and my lack of coming up with anything to do with them, the ham was leftover as I got bored of ham and cheese sarnies this week!!

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