Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Cravings (cont'd)

I thought of another one...

Quality over quantity- I have never had a lot of spare cash so a lot of my purchases have been cheap and cheerful, done the job then hit the bin (or the recycling, or the charity shop!). Now I'm realising that I don't so much stuff I'm starting to realise that although more expensive doesn't always mean better quality it can be worth holding back on a right now cheap version of something until I can afford (or find) a better quality version. I threw away a pair of cheap and cheerful smarting pumps yesterday (thanks to discovering the holes in the bottom as it had been raining). My usual idea would be trip to the market or the cheapie shoe shop. Instead when passing a more reputable shop this morning I saw a very nice pair that I think would do a better job and be more versatile (which is essential when you are trying to pare down!). At £20 they are probably double what I would normally pay but the are also half price in the sale!! I popped in in my way to the station and tried a right foot which seemed very comfy. Will sleep on it and pop to the local shop at the weekend. That way I'm not rushing in, I'm giving myself a chance to have a think and maybe look elsewhere, and if they aren't there when I go back then they weren't meant to be mine!!!!


  1. So true! I've had similar issues with shoes but my biggest vice was trying to cram into the wrong size. I wear a US 11.5 (42 or 43) and was always trying to wear a 41. Finally decided to just buy shoes that really fit me and I can walk in. Since they are hard to find in my size I really don't have that shoe temptation that a lot of other women struggle. Guess that is the upside to being a big size.

  2. I have a similar thing (although I'm only a UK 8 /41). I had a habit of falling in love with a pair and then convincing myself that they would stretch!!