Wednesday, 15 June 2011

PayDay Challenge

So, this secret plan of mine isn't getting very far (as expected!). One of the obstacles is money (isn't it always?) so I have set myself a challenge as it's payday today. This month (that's my pay month which is 15th-15th) I am going to only buy the 'essentials' and see how much I have left at the end of the month.

Now I admit I am still deciding what I mean by 'essentials'. If I am too strict with myself then I know I will fail (a little bit of what you fancy and all that) but at the same time I have to set some boundaries.

So far I have decided that I will allow myself to buy one Pret hot chocolate (a serious weakness of mine!), one lunch out (by that I mean soup or a sarnie from a shop near the office, probably on a Thursday as I love the current Thursday Pret soup!) and one take away a week. All my other meals will be made at home from the grocery shopping. I might even try and plan the weeks meals and then only shop for what I know I will eat that week thus reducing the 'ooh that looks nice' purchases and hopefully not having food to throw away (this is inspired by Jo over at her blog, who does a 'no waste tastes great' bit)

I am looking for a pair of black MBT's for work on eBay and if they come up at the right price I will buy them - I have set myself a budget that I promise to stick to on these.

I have a couple of things planned this month that include reflexology, dinner out, a surprise trip (I know where we're going but the person I'm taking doesn't) and a day out with friends in London. I will still do these things but keep an eye on the wonga.  I also have a few things that have cropped up in the next couple of months that I would like to go to so I am thinking hard about whether to pay out for all, some or none of them!!

I have cut down a lot of the newsletters that I was subscribed to (I'm a bit of a gadget freak) to try and stop some of the exposure to and therefore the want of new 'stuff'.  

How will I do? Who knows - I'll keep you updated!!


  1. Hi Claire - Popped over to wish you all the very best with the meal planning. Check out My Simple Guide To Meal Planning for inspiration. I cannot emphasis enough how keeping out of the shops is critical. Buy what you need and do not go back in for anything else. It does work and there are loads of really healthy and economical meals you can prepare and do extra for lunches. If you need any inspiration you know where I am - drop me a line - Jo

  2. Thanks Jo - I think my main issue will be that I'm just cooking for me! I need to get into the habit of cooking up some nice meals and freezing them, and then remembering they are in the freezer!! To start this month off I'm going to work my way through what's in there at the moment and just buy the odd bits to go with it (ie veg) so it will be a bit bitty to start with!!