Sunday, 14 August 2011

Spending Update - Jul/Aug

So I set myself the challenge of £250 to put into my savings account this month - did I manage it?

This month hasn't gone quite to plan to be completely honest. A couple of good weeks and a couple of weeks where I managed to justify all the 'off plan' stuff I bought (hot chocolate bought off the store card doesn't count coz I've already put the money on the card etc!!)

I did well with the clutter stuff buying, not so well on the meal planning and hot chocolateness.

I have been putting some things on my credit card (event tickets, accommodation etc) but I am clearing the statement each month so I reckon that's allowed!

I did buy a pair of trousers, a cardigan and a pair of shoes (charity shop, eBay, eBay respectively) but as a lot of what I've been selling on eBay was clothes it seemed fair to spend a little of my profits to help my wardrobe on it's way to it's modular minimalist way. The idea is all your clothes go with all your other clothes so you can get dressed in the dark and still look fab, plus being able to make the most combinations from the number of items you have.  Even with what I spent there was still £70 in my paypal account to go with the other eBay money (it's separate to my savings).

So getting to the point...
£200 transferred at the start of the month (£60 monthly standing order, £130 my extra wages, £10 to round it up!)
£26.43 of coppers etc that I put in a pot when I clear my wallet out each evening
£15 in my wallet
£11.34 in the bank account when my wages went in
TOTAL - £252.72


Not sure how this month will go as I'm off on holiday tomorrow and that always seems to end up being expensive. Will have to see how it goes - pop back in a month to find out!! ;-)

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