Tuesday, 20 September 2011


...birthday, Christmas (only just over 13 weeks away folks!), christening, wedding etc etc etc.

One of the unexpected side effects of my journey to a less cluttered life has been my re-evaluation of presents. Not just what I might ask for as a gift but what I give people.  Some of my family and friends are notoriously hard to buy for, in the past it's been a nice Lynx gift set for the boys and maybe a nice Dove one for the girls, perhaps an amusing key ring, maybe even something that I like so I kinda hope they will too.  I have no idea if they use them or if they even like them. It was a present for presents sake as that is the done thing.  


I have already bought a few Christmas presents. If I see something I think someone will like (be it April, August or December) I'll buy it there and then, and it's that point in the year when I start thinking I should start properly doing the Christmas shopping so it doesn't all have to come out of one pay packet.

This year I think more people on my gift list will be getting some cold hard cash!  What better than giving someone the means to buy that little (or big) thing they've been dreaming of? (Or at least a little helping hand!) There is that association that no thought goes into a monetary present and that you have to give more in money than you would have spent on a gift (or is that just me?). I think I would rather get £5 that i can spend on something I really do want than a £10 gift that I don't like or won't use.

So if you normally get a present from me then don't be surprised if you just get a nice little envelope!! ;-)


  1. Well, Pffftt I say - I much preferred the fleecy primark slippers! WHICH I STILL WEAR!! Nah, I'm kidding, it will save you on the postage as well :)

  2. Teehee - I'd forgotten about them. Oh and there's always the laughing rolling doggie thing too!!

  3. You could always send people Chris de Burgh CDs: it would be a very personal gift from you and you could probably pick up half-a-dozen for a tenner! ;-)

  4. @dervish - that depends who you are ;-)