Sunday, 9 June 2013

3 Good Things - Sun 9th June

Well I've just logged in to update this knowing I was a few days behind - I didn't realise I was almost a week behind! Then I got to thinking - the reason I got behind was because there have been soooo many good things this week I've been too busy enjoying them to write them down and that's got to be the BEST thing.

So in no particular order a selection of good things from the past week.

Sunshine, pebble beach, birdsong, good customer service, bacon sarnies, friends, outdoors work, fresh air, line dried washing, bubble baths, flip flops, 'in' jokes, new nicknames, shared stories and appreciation. 

I don't think I'm going to continue to regularly post 3 Good Things now. I've done it for five months and over that time I think it's served it's purpose. No matter how rubbish a day, if you have a think there will be something good in there somewhere. Even if it's only the fact that you've made it through that day, it's over and tomorrow you can start again...

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  1. Thanks for those 5 months of sharing a little bit of your sunshine. I hope you can still share the occasional bit with us. xXx