Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A year...

...yup, I've been back in the Shire a whole year - and it's been quite a year.

I've had four employers.
Spent a year without a TV or microwave.
Lived in one room.
Walked most of the Exeter Green Circle.
Had my lunch stolen by a seagull.
Shared an office with a cat.
Been to Salisbury and Reading for lunch!
Read loads (and loads and loads).
Found real friendship in unexpected places and lost friendship where I thought it was strong.
Been to several interviews (hadn't done that in years!)
Tried Android and gone back to Apple (again - you'd have thought I'd have learnt last time!)
Paid for two flats.
Realised just how lucky I was to find my landlords.
Babysat for friends.
Had an offer on the flat that fell through.
Cursed the Housing Association and Estate Agents on a regular basis.
Attended a Steampunk jewellery workshop.
Been regularly reminded why I love Exeter.
Wondered at the rising floodwaters in Maidstone from afar.
Worked in my favourite field.
Discovered the chip shop across the road is a bit rubbish but the Indian on this side is yummy.
Still not eaten the chocolate chick I was given when I left the first job in March.
Gone to work in a onesie.

I wonder what the next year has in store???

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