Monday, 6 December 2010

Getting back at it...

Yes I know I've been quiet. I have to admit I lost the momentum a bit having just about finished the bedroom.  However I'm back at it again and took a suitcase full of books and videos to the charity shop yesterday and have another load ready to go.

Nearly all the eBay sales from a couple of weekends back have now gone which made a HUGE space and I put a few more bits on yesterday.  Having thinnned out the books and vidoes I now have a whole bookshelf that can go! Already, even though the bookshelf is still there that bit of the room feels brighter. When the shelves go it will also mean a bit of blank wall!

I'm determined to be able to see the floor and get in all the cupboards by Christmas - at the moment the front room is still covered in boxes and I can't get in the cupboard where the hoover is (well that's my excuse anyway!!)

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