Saturday, 22 October 2011

No Waste Tastes Great

Ok so I know it's Saturday but I took the fridge photo yesterday!!

So what is in the fridge this week then...
Top shelf Pure spread, cheese, sour cream and ricotta.
Middle shelf - half a tin of beans (a different tin to last week!) and a pack of wafer thin ham
Bottom shelf - jar of beetroot and a lemon (minus some of it's zest!)
Left drawer - condiments
Right drawer - pack of spinach, 1 red chilli, half a small marrow.
In the fridge door there are 4 eggs.

The spread, cheese, condiments and eggs are all in date. As are the beetroot and condiments.
The sour cream, ricotta and lemon are left over from the cheesecakes I made last weekend. I was thinking I must be able to make some sort of carbonara type thing with the ricotta, ham and spinach.  I have a recipe for sour cream muffins that I will have to check the quantities in and see if I can adapt it for the amount I have left (that'll also use up an egg)

All in all I don't think I did too badly this week!

Thanks to Jo again for keeping me inspired. 

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