Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Some rediscovered space

I took the day off work today as I wanted to re-arrange my bedroom. It's never going to look like this...

...but I loved the idea of not having a 'real' bed frame. Now I can't afford a new bed frame but couldn't see any reason why I couldn't just put the mattress on the floor.  To do that though needed all the stuff under the bed clearing out (and that was quite a bit of stuff!).

If you look at this post from the start of my blogging you can see pictures of the bedroom (and the rest of the flat) as it was almost a year ago.

After today's endeavours it now looks like this...
I now have a dressing/work area
 And the chest of drawers separates the sleeping side

The huge wardrobe is still there but I can promise there is a lot less stuff in there now than last year. It's not finished yet. There is still more de-cluttering to be done. And there is still a pile of stuff in my front room that I haven't quite found a new home for but it's definitely a step in the right direction and the room feels so much bigger.

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