Friday, 18 November 2011

No Waste Tastes Great - 18th Nov

OK - so I think it's safe to say this week was a big fat FAIL!!

I was away at the weekend and developed a cold which kicked in on Sunday night. Consequently the meal planning didn't happen. My Mum picked me up some veggies on Monday and my intention was to eat some stuff out of the freezer through the week. FAIL - comfort takeaway food won out for most of the week.

Top shelf - spread
Middle shelf - still some of that condensed milk, Brussels sprouts, swede
Bottom shelf - beetroot, carrots, parsnip, leftover Indian takeaway from dinner tonight (Bombay potatoes, chicken korma, rice, mango chutney, mint raita)
Drawer - condiments
The veggies are normally in the drawer but I got them out for the photo!

The leftover takeaway will be tomorrows dinner and the veggies will get cooked up Sunday night. I'll probably have half for dinner then and fry up the other half(ish) as bubble and squeak on Monday.
Will sit down properly and do the meal planning and shopping this weekend.  The diet has gone out of the window the last couple of weeks so hopefully the planning will help me get back in the 'groove' for that too in the run up to the Christmas over indulgence!!

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