Saturday, 14 April 2012

Spending Update - Mar/Apr

The best month so far!!

Transfer £200
Bank £56.13
Wallet £8.00
Change £41.18
Total £305.31
Whoop whoop!!!
I also did well on eBay this month as I sold my stereo and speakers, wardrobe and one of my display cabinets along with a lot of the items that were in it!!
Must come up with a better way of putting the pie chart on!!

Percentage breakdown

Treats - 15%
Groceries - 6%
Takeaway - 6%
Clothes - less than 1%
Savings - 15%
Bills - 55%
Charity - 2%
Misc - less than 1%

So again my treats and my savings were the same percentage which I'm quite happy with.

Treats this time included a hen do, nails, birthday do, book launch, angel card reading and lunch, Mothers day lunch and I've booked a ticket for a gig at Hyde Park and a hotel to go with it!! It's called Hit Factory Live and promises to be an 80's music fest - Jason Donovan, Bananarama, Rick Astley. They have also said that a duet will be performed that hasn't been heard live in 23 years and the money is on it being Jason & Kylie!!!

So there goes another month. No interest in my flat so it's still on the market...

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