Sunday, 15 April 2012


I think I might finally have lost the plot and gone too far...

The app Stylebook was recommended over at theminimilistmom and I downloaded it to my phone then ignored it for a good couple of months!!

I have just spent the best part of the afternoon photographing all my clothes and shoes on my phone and adding them to the app. I did some stuff last weekend just to get me started.  

Stylebook allows you to track how often you wear items as you can add them to the calendar, it then totals how many times you've worn something.  You can see at the touch of the screen your 10 most worn and 10 least worn items. You can see how many skirts, shirts, sandals etc you have. You can alter/add any categories to fit your wardrobe. So now I've photographed (almost) everything (I haven't done the stuff in the washing bin yet!!) I now know how many items of clothing I have - 214!! (That doesn't include the 14 festival related tops as I won't get rid of them, but it does include my Michael Jackson tops even though I won't get rid of them either - work that out!)

So - lets break it down...I'm baring my wardrobe here, please be gentle with me...

Tops - 78 made up of
Sleeveless - 5
T-shirts - 19
Jumpers - 18
Shirts - 2
Long tops - 18
Hoodies - 5
MJ - 11
Bottoms - 44 made up of
Jeans - 6
Shorts - 5
Trousers - 6
Skirts - 18
Leggings - 6
Sweats - 3
Dresses - 24 made up of
Strappy dresses - 13
Everyday dresses - 7
Party dresses - 4

Shoes - 33 made up of
Boots - 6
Sandals - 9
Flats - 12
Heels - 6

Bags - 18 made up of
Satchels - 1
Rucksacks - 3
Clutches - 2
Wallets - 5
Top-Handle - 6
Cross-Body - 4

Hats - 4

Outerwear - 12 made up of
Coats - 3
Jackets - 6
Long Cardies - 2

I'm horrified!!! I have been through my clothes a couple of times and yet I still have all this. In my defence I hadn't properly done the summer stuff as it hasn't been summer so I haven't been able to really gauge what I wear when it's warmer!

I have a really posh event to go to in May and have been trying to justify buying a new outfit but how can I justify it to myself having done this. There are dresses here that I have never worn. Do I clear out a load of this stuff and replace it with an outfit that I know will get worn, or do I try and get some use out of what I have here?

There is definitely more thinning out to be done and I intend to use Stylebook to help me do it. Watch out clothes, your days may well me numbered...


  1. good lord mate I'm not sure I'd like to do this but in my defence most of my clothes I have been given to me, Mum is very good at buying things I like I could probably count on both hands the items that I have purchased, I mean I do need to thin out my wardrobe as there are things which don't fit anymore ie too big but it unnerves me somewhat the eternal question what if I get that big again what would I wear? Obviously I have intention of increasing my girth again but there clothes I have slimmed through that I haven't worn at all >< sheesh who knows??!! keep up the good work anyway I hope the de-cluttering helps with the clearer thinking and stuff hoping clearing stuff here is gonna help me to do that!

    1. Thanks Beth - it's really eye opening. I must have cleared out at least the same again!!

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry, don't think I can do that. The app seems to save them into itself and not somewhere I can access them - d'oh!

  3. Also... my god, you have a lot of clothes!

    1. I know - that's what has become painfully obvious!! More de-cluttering to be done methinks!