Saturday, 24 November 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 24th Nov 2012

Yeah, I know, I missed a week, but honestly there was nothing in the fridge to go to waste!!

On to this week
Top shelf - home grown tomatoes
Middle shelf - chocolates (Yes T they are still there!)
Bottom shelf - spread, cheese
Drawers - condiments and veggies (see below)
Drawer - green pepper, two carrots, parsnip, swede, celeriac, cucumber, mushrooms
Door - butter, 7Up, Cherry Coke, real milk, salad dressing, mayo, soya milk, cider, lemon juice, punch

The tomatoes and the celeriac need to go in the next couple of days and the cucumber will need to follow fairly quickly!! 

The milk was bought to make tea and coffee for relatives visiting last weekend and none of them had any!! Me and milk don't go to well together so it may end up waste but I'll see what I can do!! I can get away with a couple of cups of tea in a day...

Unfortunately it's tipping it down outside at the moment so today's meals will be made up from what I can find. So far it's jacket spud for lunch to use up a poor lonely potato, the cheese and I'll open some beans!! Dinner may end up being via if I decide to be really naughty!!

I did have waste this week though. M donated this small portion of fruit salad and I just never fancied it. On looking at it today there appear to be bits in there that weren't there when it was delivered!

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