Saturday, 10 November 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - Nov 10th 2012

Top shelf - beef stroganoff, unknown dinner!!, the last of the home grown tomatoes
Middle shelf - donated fruit salad, cheese, ham, chocolates
Bottom shelf - donated key lime pie, spread
Drawers - condiments, green pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, celeriac
Door - butter, soup, coke, salad dressing, soya milk, cider, lemon juice, punch

Let me explain the 'unknown dinner'!!  My Mum does dinners for the elderly once a month with a very good friend of hers.  There is always enough food for the cooks to have dinner as well and if there are still some leftovers then a portion normally makes it's way to me as is the case here. The unknown comes from the fact that I have no idea what it is! It will be eaten tomorrow for dinner!!

The beef stroganoff was tonight's dinner and made from this recipe in the slow cooker.  It really is incredibly easy and sooooo yummy!! I got five portions from this batch, I've had two, two have gone in the freezer and Mum took one home the other day.

The key lime pie and fruit salad were donated by Mum and will get eaten in the next couple of days.  

Some of the cheese and ham were todays lunch and they will be tomorrow as well.  The ham needs eating so it might be lunch on Monday too!!  I bought some rolls today so that will also deal with some tomatoes. When the ham runs out then it'll be tuna and cucumber for the rest of the week! The soup will probably be Monday's dinner. Dinners for the rest of the week will use up freezer supplies as I really need to defrost my freezer!!

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