Saturday, 9 February 2013

For the inquisitive amongst you!

It just so happens that the place where I am currently lodging is up for sale which means you can have a bit of a nosey (if the fancy takes you!)

 This is the link to the estate agents listing. There are quite a few photo's of the main house although none of the two flats or the coach house. However if you click on the floor plan link my bit is bedroom flat 2 / bathroom flat 2 / and kitchen flat 2.  Sitting room flat 2 is used by the landlords as their study. If you look at the photo's the one in the garden looking back at the house shows my fire escape (the white ladder!), the one of the stairs shows my front door open, and the one taken from the top floor of the house looking out over Exeter shows my balcony (fire escape!)

Maybe I'll take a few photo's of my bit just to give a complete picture and shows how I'm doing with the whole minimal thing - what do you think??  It's not as posh as the main house, I warn you now!!

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