Sunday, 3 February 2013

Four weeks in...

Well there we have it. Four weeks back in Exeter and three weeks into a three month job.

The only non consumable I bought this week were some clothes hangers as I miscalculated what I bought with me and had too many things to a hanger and kept forgetting what was there!!

I couldn't decide whether to go to Lidl or Tesco yesterday so decided to let the bus choose. Whichever came first would decide and Tesco it was!! I did spend quite a lot but reckon, apart from picking up some fresh veg during the week that lunches for this week and dinners for this week and most of next are sorted.  I had a lovely walk down at Exeter Quay making the most of the sunshine. Browsing the antiques and craft shops and listening to the water as it tumbled over the weir. 
 Maidstone is definitely missing a trick where the river is concerned!!

The last four weeks have gone by pretty fast looking back and I have to admit I've done nothing in relation to any long term plan. I had three viewings in one day last week but as yet I haven't had any feedback so I don't know how interested any of them were. I really ought to make some sort of long term plan but at the moment I'm quite happy to stick my head in the sand!!


  1. I love that part of Exeter. I used to work in the Custom House down there and it was great to be able to walk along the river at lunchtimes.

    1. It's great isn't it? I was very tempted by something I saw in one of the craft shops but I was good and didn't buy it. Just having a think about it for a while and maybe I'll get it next time I go down!!