Thursday, 24 May 2012

Coming Home...

So, this past weekend I was down in Exeter working on the Exeter Olympic Torch Relay event. A few days off from the day job to go and work doing something that although different also has quite a few similarities. A busman's holiday if you will.

I was chatting with one of the others about days jobs and where I'd travelled from and I found myself admitting out loud that being back in Devon feels like coming home. I caught myself walking along the High Street on a mundane errand (going to Tesco for some lunch) with a smile on my face. Spotting where the occasional shop had changed but old favourites still clung onto their little patch and identity. The whole mix of people pootling around on a Saturday afternoon from small children, young singles, students, couples, oldies and eccentrics. And yes, I know I see the same in London every day but here it has a hard prickly edge. Somehow it doesn't blend quite right in the fast paced commuter centric big city, whereas in Exeter it's just right, it fits.
I think maybe I'm a little closer to deciding where I want to be come Jan!

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