Thursday, 17 May 2012

Guessing for a giveaway!!

Well not so much a giveaway but a bit of fundraising for a charity of your choice...

I clear out my wallet each night when I get home and the only things that get to stay on the money front are notes and £1 coins. I have a terramundi each for the £2 and 50p, a lovely Unicorn money box that was handpainted by my friend T for the 20p and all the 1p, 2p and 10p go in a large (and I mean large) whiskey bottle!!

Well, the whiskey bottle is full, so it's time to tip everything out, spend an age counting it up and then trek to the bank with it but I thougt I would give you a chance to raise some money for a charity of your choice.

Guess how much is in the bottle...

I will donate 10% of however much is in the bottle to a charity of choice of the person who manages the closest guess!

So you have until the end of the day Saturday 26th May (BST) to make your guesses in the comments here or on facebook and I will announce the 'winner' on Sunday 27th May. I will not count it until Sunday so I won't be able to influence anyone!! Also, my decision is final (so there).


  1. I'll go with £30.60!! You won a butternut squash kit over at Everyday Life On A Shoestring, so I'll pop it in the post if you let me have your address! :-)

  2. OOh, that you - just dropped you an email with my address. Will post an update for this 'giveaway' at the weekend!

  3. I'll go lower... say 18.90 - but I actually have no idea!

  4. A big whiskey bottle can hold a lot of change. I'll go with £42.67

  5. Being a Yank, I don't recognize the coins so I'll split the difference between the other two guesses and go with 24.35. If I win I'll pick a UK charity.

    What a clever thing to do Claire!

    P.S. I found your blog about six months ago and was reading about your decluttering adventures.