Sunday, 10 June 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 10th June

 Yup - it's late, but I forgot on Friday and I was out all day yesterday so it's a Sunday fridge this week - and quite full it is too.
Top shelf - Alpro yoghurt (that should have gone in the bin ages ago!), babaybel, cheese, frech dressing, spread, mascarpone, quark, alpro yoghurt
Middle shelf - rhubarb, bananas, big tupperware of home made soup
Bottom shelf - beetroot, portion of cottage pie, 2 carrots, 1 leek, one and a half bundles of asparagus, cherries and strawberries
Drawer - celery, cucumber, spring onion, lettuce, peppers, swede, celeriac, tomatoes
Door - butter, water, 2 x 7up, vanilla soya milk, plain soya milk, mayo, cider, hazelnut soya milk, punch

Everything on the top shelf apart from the single yoghurt is in date but the mascarpone and quark will need eating this week (I feel a recipe hunt coming on!)
The rhubarb will need to be cooked today as it's not going to last much longer!
Although it may not look like it the beetroot is going down as there have been quite a few salads this week.
I'll have soup for lunch today and may portion up the rest and freeze it.
The cottage pie will be for dinner with some of the veggies. The full bundle is asparagus is for Mum.
I've just had most of the strawberries with my breakfast and will finish them off along with some of the cherries during the day.

So as it stands at the moment the only waste is the single yoghurt. I think this week will be a use it up week so hopefully it'll be a virtually empty fridge on Friday.

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