Sunday, 6 January 2013

A minimalist experiment

As you know over the past couple of years I have been clearing out my stuff. Ebaying, freecycling and charity shopping bags and bags of stuff. Recycling folders of old Uni course work etc etc.

Well with my latest house move I have an opportunity to try some extreme minimalism!!  I could only bring what would fit in my sisters small car along with three adults, my sister and Mums overnight stuff and a picnic lunch!!

The flat I have moved into gives me a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.  The landlords have supplied a bed with duvet and pillows, chest of drawers, bedside tables, computer desk, a couple of chairs, small bookshelf and built in wardrobes. I am using their washing machine, a fridge down in the basement and have no cooker.

So what to pack - originally I was going to be moving by train and would only have been able to manage a suitcase and rucksack - fortunately sister came to the rescue!!

A rough idea of what I packed...

For the kitchen I've brought two each of the following, dinner plate, small plate, bowl, mugs, glasses, knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon.  Wooden spoon, slotted spoon, scissors, masher, sieve, peeler, tin opener, grater. A few tupperware containers for storing leftovers, lunch box. My slow cooker (simplybeingmum will be proud!), my health grill, a travel kettle and a couple of saucepans. I have ordered a two ring electric camping hob thing!

For the bathroom the necessary toiletries, bath mat, towels, robe

For the bedroom, one set of bedding (there is a launderette across the road and I can therefore wash and tumble dry it in a day). I haven't brought a TV and don't intend to acquire one although this may prove tough and I will see how things go (I have signed up to freecycle so it may be an option). To keep myself occupied in the absence of the gogglebox I have brought a couple of books that once read will go to the charity shop where I can pick up some more, my landlords also have a huge number of books and I asked if I could borrow them which is fine!! I put in some DVDs that I can watch on my computer. As part of my bank account deal I have a lovefilm membership that allows me one DVD at a time and a maximum of four a month. At one a week that should be OK. There is also a Blockbuster just down the road and again I could pick up a couple in the charity shops.  I also have my laptop and the landlords are letting me use their wi-fi.  If the crafty mood should take me I also brought some stuff to make greetings cards.  I brought my leaving cards and a couple of memento's from home to make it more 'my' space.

Clothes - many of you will know that even though I have got rid of a lot of clothes i still have waaaay too many. This will be a really interesting aspect.  I have brought with me...

3 x trousers
4 x jeans
2 x trackies
2 x leggings
2 x skirts
4 x dresses
1 x shirt
3 x long tops
9 x tops
3 x jumpers/hoodies
4 x t-shirts
3 x nightwear
1 x swimming costume
Underwear / socks / tights
1 x coat
2 x pairs boots
1 x pair trainers
3 x pairs shoes

Written out like that it seems like a lot...I've got out of the habit of 'office attire' as I've been wearing uniform for six months.

I am hoping to get in some swimming and I have been thinking of starting to go out for a run. With more time on my hands it might happen!

Anyway - it'll prove interesting if nothing else...

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