Saturday, 26 January 2013

Three weeks in...

Three weeks and I'm still in one piece!!!

A few more purchases of the non consumable type...

80p on a bowl, a long handled teaspoon and a glass for work
10p on another spoon for the flat
£2.10 on three books (I've read the others!)
£4.00 on the softest jumper ever
£2.99 on another black long sleeved top
£1.00 on one of the belt clip things with the extendable loop on it so I can wear my passes at work (I bought a lanyard with me but they just clunk on the desk all the time!)
99p on a really really long earring that I am going to make into a hair accessory with the bobby pins I got for 79p (I saw the earring earlier in the day and decided one earring was pointless, then I saw someone wearing something similar in their hair. I was going to have a coffee at Starbucks but the queue was really long so I decided as I hadn't spent the coffee money I could get the clips and earring instead!)
I reckon it'll look lovely hanging from a hair grip...
I did the food shopping with a meal plan in mind so hopefully I won't need to get much in the way of food during the week.  I'm off for a roast dinner at a friends tomorrow which I am REALLY looking forward to. Talking of food, about time I thought about dinner...

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