Saturday, 12 January 2013

The experiment so far

So I've been back in Devon a week and so far most of what I have bought has been consumable (either edible of use upable)

Things that didn't fall into that category are...

£3 set of coasters (the furniture came with the flat and I don't want to have to pay coz there are water/heat marks on it!!)
£5.68 for two greetings cards - stupidly I completely forgot that I had bought some card making kit with me!!
£1 for two non spill tupperwares, the ones I bought with me are fine for storing stuff flat in the fridge but useless if I want to take something with liquid in it to work.
50p for a mug to take to work
20p on two glasses so I don't have to drink my Baileys out of bright pink plastic measuring cup!

50p on a Lord of the Rings book that I will keep
£1.20 on three, yes THREE, other books that I will read and then take back to the charity shop
£2.99 on a small frying pan (frying in a saucepan really doesn't quite do the trick!)
£1.25 on a sink tidy so the cutlery can drain rather than sitting in it's own water!

On shopping for the above stuff I went into many charity shops and didn't succumb to the rails of clothes or the many many many books (4 was very good for me!)  These things are what had occured to me during the week would make life easier and at a total cost of £10.64 (not including the greetings cards) I don't think that's bad.

It will be payday on Tuesday and I intend to account for every penny I spend until next payday!

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  1. Niiiiice! I'll be posting about my No Spend Days over the weekend. It's quite pleasing this aiming to live on nothing lark, isn't it? x