Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Big Unplug's nearly time for 'The Big Unplug' (thanks to Rachel)

I am going to have to adapt the rules a little due to the fact my flat is on the market and of course a lot of the communication is done via text message and email. Yes, I could tell them they need to phone my landline and only my landline but to be honest I just don't trust them to get it right!!!

My Rules

I won't go on the internet other than to listen to internet radio. I have no stereo now so my only source of radio is web based and I really would go insane without music. So no facebook, no blogging etc etc etc...(the small caveat to this will be that I may have to check specific websites for work)

I will check my personal email at 7pm. I will ignore anything that doesn't relate to my flat.  I won't check eBay, the blogs I follow or zombie surf!!! (Again I will have to use my work email as usual)

My mobile phone will be off for 'most' of the day. I will set a message on my answerphone to say I won't be using that number and give my landline number. I will listen to music on the train to and from work, but for these periods it will be in airplane mode meaning no-one will be able to phone or text me and I won't be able to connect to the internet.  Once a day, at 7pm I will turn it on so that any text messages/voicemail messages (for those that ignored my answerphone message) can come through. I will only respond to those that relate to my flat. (Unfortunately I also have a Blackberry for work but as I am not 'on call' I will try not to check it, if anyone from work needs me badly enough they'll get hold of me and that is very unlikely!)

No TV. I will allow myself to watch no more than two DVDs during the week as we have a long weekend and knowing the UK it will rain!

So here I am publicly announcing my intent - and no the irony of announcing this online is not lost on me!!

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