Sunday, 25 March 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 23rd Mar 12

I didn't post this on Friday evening as I was taking part in an Unplug Day

 Top shelf - choccie philly, cheese, half a tin of beans
Middle shelf - spread, alpro almond milk, alpro choc desert
Bottom shelf - beetroot, chocolate
Drawer - condiments, half a punnet of baby plum tomatoes, most of a cucumber
Door - butter, Baileys, water, coke, soya milk, vanilla soya milk, punch

Not a bad week - the philly and cheese are in date as are all the alpro products.  I'm going to have a toasted cheese and tomato sarnie for lunch (and I might even put some beans in it too!)
There is potential for the cucumber to be an issue as I haven't decided what my lunch plans are for this week - i guess whatever they end up beingthey need to incorporate cucumber!

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