Sunday, 11 March 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 9th Mar

Yes I know it's the 11th but the photo's were taken on Friday evening!

Top shelf - cheese, choccie philly, philly, ricotta, cream
Middle shelf - spread
Bottom shelf - beetroot, chocolate, some beans, a few cooked veggies
Drawers - condiments, some swede, carrot, cabbage, sprouts
Door - 3 eggs, butter, Baileys, water, soya milk, punch

Things went a little awry this week as we had a food stall at work on Thursday for International Women's day. I made a chocolate cake and some individual Baileys Cheesecakes. The chocolate cake is the reason for there being some cream and the cheesecakes explain the philly and ricotta.  One of the other girls made the most delicious chicken curry which I had for lunch on Thursday and then bought a second portion to have for lunch on Friday which would have still fitted with my plans. Friday morning though a few of us at work decided to go for a cooked breakfast (or a 'fat boy' as we call it). It was also someones birthday and their other half had baked a Victoria Sponge and a chocolate cake. So a full English, then a slice of Victoria Sponge with a cuppa mid morning, some choccie cake at lunch time and it was clear the chicken curry would be coming home for Friday nights tea!!  That's why there are veggies left over!

The beans got eaten Saturday on toast as an early lunch before heading away for the weekend to a friends wedding.  The rest of the veggies will be cooked tonight and the philly and ricotta will probably be turned into some sort of pasta sauce type thing in the next couple of days! I know Mum is making me up a fruit salad which I will have with the cream so that will take care of that.  The only potential waste may be the small tub of cooked veggies but I'm hoping if I cook up all the veg that is left there will be some to add to that and they can be had as bubble and squeak tomorrow.

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