Friday, 16 March 2012

De-clutter update

So it's been a while since I mentioned de-cluttering (other than the eBay sales bit!).  Well, I've just put my flat on the market which meant I had to take lots of photo's ready for the sale. (No I don't know what I'm paying the housing association for!). Anyway I thought I would post the pictures here so you can see how much has changed since I started the blog.
So, here we have the front room.  I'm considering selling/donating a lot of my cd's. They are virtually all on my laptop and iPhone and I can't remember the last time I actually got one out! The videos (that you can just see middle right) are on their way out. I have bought a piece of kit that in theory means I can copy the videos to my computer and then to DVD. Once that's done the videos and the video recorder can go! I've also decided to sell my stereo as again I use the laptop.
It may not look like it but I have thinned out my Myth and Magic collection quite a lot.  The cabinet nearest the window doesn't have any M&Ms in it now which is quite an achievement. I'm hoping to get down to just three.
I'd like the kitchen worktops to be clearer but one step at a time. I'm thinking of selling the bread maker as I haven't used it in ages and ages.
The sleeping end of the bedroom. Love my mattress on the floor! The 'unit' that the TV is on is actually a couple of boxes that I've kept for packing things up for the next move! The bookcase is full of scrapbooks and photo albums. There is a small part of me that would love to burn the scrapbooks but I'm pretty sure I never will! (lol)
The 'other' end of the bedroom. I admit to cheating and clearing all the boxes off the top of the wardrobe before I took the picture.  I have thinned out a load of clothes and shoes but there is still some more to go. I will be selling the wardrobe as it is huge and the thought of dismantling it and moving it fills me with dread!
I love my desk and will most definitely be keeping it (even if it is heavy). 

So moving house, the perfect opportunity to this space...

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