Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Big Unplug training

You may have seen that I've signed up for the 

The idea is simple - no internet, no mobile, no TV for a week.  Although however simple the idea, actually doing it is going to be anything but, so I thought I'd get into training.  I have turned the cellular data option off on my iPhone so I can't check my emails, pop onto facebook or have a nosey at my twitter stream whilst I'm on my daily commute. More music listening and book reading instead. I've just sat and watched a 134 minute film (that's just over two hours) with my laptop shut and my phone across the room so I wouldn't do the same. What a reflection it is on me and the current technological environment that it is an achievement for me to have done something for just over two hours without checking email, facebook etc!

It's going to take some doing but I am determined to get there - one tech free hour at a time!!

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  1. Thank you for joining me on this! I'm also a bit scared about what I have signed up for. I think it will be a huge learning experience for me.