Friday, 17 February 2012


A 'friend' of mine has disappeared from facebook and I have no other way of contacting her...this got me thinking, 'How much of a friend was she?'.

I put friend in '.' as I'm not sure it's the right word to describe the relationship between me and many of the people on my facebook profile.  Can you really be my friend if I don't have a phone number, email address or snail mail for you. Do we care about each other enough to be classed as that if there is only one way we can get in touch?  Would we actually have anything to talk about if we met up for a coffee? One line status responses are one thing but actually spending time together in the 'real' world, that may be pushing it a bit.

So when I take part in 'Unplug' in April - how many people will have the ability to contact me if I'm not using facebook (or email or mobile?). You know what, I'm just going to pop over to facebook and do a quick check...brb...

The scores are in...

I have 67 friends on facebook.

31 or 46.3% could only get in touch through facebook itself
13 or 19.4% have my mobile number (but that won't be any use during Unplug)
23 or 34.3% have my mobile number and home address but I don't think many of them have my landline number

I'm not sure what this says about me or my friends apart from the fact that the 3rd-9th of April may be very very quiet!


  1. Fascinated by those stats.

    I'll also have to do some prep for the week. Make a little phone book (old school!) and get people to commit to plans in advance.

    Getting more excited about the week. Spent most of Wednesday offline and had a fab day.

    1. I'm hoping it'll be good weather for the Easter Weekend so I can do some allotmenting. Fresh air and some exercise in one go and no tech in sight!

  2. I had over 2 weeks incognito in France last year... twas fab. Got back to lots of e-mail of which I believe just 4% required some response or action on my part!