Friday, 3 February 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 3rd Feb 2012

Top Shelf - spread, cheese, 2/3rds of a tin of beans (all fine)
Middle Shelf - a little bit of soya cream, some bacon
Bottom Shelf - beetroot, banana, grapes
One Drawer - condiments
Other Drawer - some swede, 2 x parsnips, a few sprouts and some broccoli
Butter, Baileys, water, praline, soya milk, vanilla soya milk, punch

The bacon will go in a sarnie or lunch tomorrow. Some grapes and the cream will be a snack later. The banana and the rest of the grapes will be brekkie tomorrow. The veggies will get used up on Sunday - sorted!


  1. Looking good Claire!

  2. I love the way you utilise your food, you have actually inspired me :)

    1. It's great to know there are people out there reading this and taking ideas away. The thanks go to Jo at, it was her that got me started!!