Friday, 24 February 2012

No Waste Tastes Great - 24th Feb 2012

Another good week (I'm starting to get good at this!)

Top shelf - spread and cheese
Middle shelf - ready made puff pastry
Bottom shelf - beetroot an chocolate
Drawer - condiments and EMPTY

Door - butter, Baileys, water (Mum's), soya milk, vanilla soya milk, punch

Everything in the fridge is in date. Half the pastry will be used tomorrow morning for these Mini Cinnamon Rolls - they are so easy and so so yummy!

Update - 25th Feb

Here's a pic of my Mini Cinnamon Rolls - I make the icing a bit runnier so you can dip!! I also use Sainsbury's Ready Rolled Puff Pastry rather than the crescent roll it states in the recipe. Half the pastry pack will make 8 mini rolls.


  1. You are getting good at this! Well done! Love the photo of the mini rolls also!

    1. Thanks Jo - the mini rolls are dangerously good!!!