Monday, 8 November 2010

Clearing Out

Well I've started. I took some photo's one evening during the week and just looking at my overstuffed wardrobes and bookcases through the lense strengthened my resolve to do this.  So this weekend I got into it.  This is going to be a 'first sweep' and consist of more of the obvious things, the doesn't fit, not worn, just sits on the shelf and gets dusty things.  Saturday saw a couple of binbags of stuff make thier way to one of the charity shops in town. Sunday saw a few bits make thier way into Mums bag and there are now another three bin bags and two boxes of stuff waiting for a charity shop trip.  I also have 16 things listed on eBay (1 of which already has a bid on it!) so hopefully there will be a little cash making there...

I have a huge collection of Myth and Magic figures and my sister was storing most of the boxes for me. I have asked her to drop them all back and I will thin out my collection (hopefully making a bit of cash in the process). I'm hoping that a combination of clearing out stuff and thinning down the collection will mean I can store the boxes myself.

The bathroom has had the most thorough clear so far as it's the smallest room with the least stuff. No more ornaments and toothpaste tubes out on the surfaces. All cleared away in the bathroom cabinet. Clean lines.

Already it feels better, I can see the top of my chest of drawers and a bit of floor has emerged from under the boxes. I know there is still a long way to go and that once the first sweep is done it will get harder but so far so good...

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