Sunday, 21 November 2010


Well that was mad. I must remember not to put so much on eBay to finish over a weekend. I have two large bags of parcels to post tomorrow from the stuff that finished Fri and Sat night and has been paid for.  I have a box full of Myth and Magics that have been paid for parceled up and ready to go on Tuesday (with help from Mum).  There are also several things that are waiting contact from the buyers to arrange collection and all the other bits that have sold and not yet been paid for. 

Ready to go on the train to London to be posted

Ready to be posted on Tuesday

The complete chaos of the front room!!


The bedroom is almost finished now.  A couple more cupboards to do and then deciding where to put the couple of boxes of bits that I want to keep but need a new home!!

A box of stuff went to the charity shop today as well.

No more will get done tomorrow as I'm out for the evening!!

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