Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A successful weekend

So my four days are up and I got a lot done (but there is still a lot to do).  About two thirds of the bedroom is now done and the rest of it looks like a huge bomb site.  More stuff went to the charity shop and there is lots on eBay too.

A box, a bag, and 6 drawers of stuff all on eBay

The Myth & Magics with no boxes, and the boxes that I can use for packing them.

The boxed Myth & Magics and my old BBC computer.

The cleared cabinets, even though there are 40 on eBay I still have over 100!!!!

Will hopefully have lots to take to the post office next week although it would be good if the buyers don't all pay at once so I don't have to carry too many pewter models all in one go!!!

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