Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Starting my journey...

I have been wanting to make a change in my life for some time now and have recently come across I am working my way through all her posts and they just ring so true with me. As friends of mine can tell you I have waaaay too much stuff, clothes, shoes, crockery, dvds, videos, collectibles. Last time I moved house I thought the truck would give in it was so overloaded. I have therefore made the decision to clear out, thin down, rationalise etc etc.

I know there will be things that I can't get rid of (not yet anyway). My scrapbooks, collections and various pieces but I'm hoping if I can clear some stuff then the things I want to keep will be easily stored away until I may be ready to make the final purge.

My starting point is my Facebook account. I'm not getting rid of it. I enjoy keeping up to date with what my friends are doing. But that's just it 'my friends' - not people I once knew who I became friends with to have a nosey and see what they were doing now, where they were doing it and who they were doing it with. I have set my friends an ultimatum. Get in touch or be de-friended!!!

From there I will start one drawer, cupboard, shelf at a time. I will not just sort and tidy, I will clear. If I kept it just in case, then just in case what? Has it been out of it's hiding place in the last year, 6 months, 4 weeks, no - then does it really need to stay?

It's going to be tough, I know that. I have always been a hoarder.

But this is where it stops - or at least this is where the stopping starts!!!

Please come with me on my journey...

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