Saturday, 13 November 2010

Half way - through the weekend that is!!

So it's nearly half past eight on Saturday night, halfway through my long weekend - and how have I done?

My flat looks like a bombsite - even more so than when I took those photo's last week but I think I am starting to see the difference. I have basically done the bathroom and half the bedroom (still a lot to do), but the bit of the bedroom I have done looks great (at least I think it does!)

Wardrobe, doors closed...

and doors open...

So what do you think?  A LOT less boxes, and although it may not look like it a lot less clothes too!!

Two charity shop trips today and another load of stuff put on eBay. The first batch of eBay stuff finishes tomorrow, so far only a few of the things have bids but all the listings were free so it's no issue if they don't sell - just more for the charity shop!!!

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  1. Looking good. A geat Job keep it up. X